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John's Coach's Choice
Award Program

John's Incredible Pizza Company is pleased to partner with local youth sports teams with John's Coach's Choice Award program, to help recognize, inspire and reward the youth athletes in our communities.

Sign up for John's Coach's Choice Award program and you'll receive awards for your athletes in February or August, depending on your sport's season. You'll receive one award for each athlete. Recipients can retain the top portion as a certificate of award, the detachable bottom portion is redeemable for $5 in FREE Fun World Credits to be used in John's Fun World.

If your sports league wishes to participate in this program, please help us out by:

  • Endorsing the award with your league's name and location
  • Personalizing the award with the athlete's name
  • Only giving one award per person
  • Not giving out expired awards

Search for your league. If you find your league, select it and your team will be linked to your league. If you do not find your league you will be required to enter your league's information

Check If Your Organization Is Signed Up

  • Search for your organization first before signing up. Somebody else may have already signed up.
  • You can search by zip code.
  • If you can't find your organization then sign up below.
  • The sign up form will appear after you perform a search for your organization.


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