Max, Maggie and Miles Grubbler are not your average monsters. You see, unlike most monsters these siblings have only one goal every morning when they wake up and that’s to find and eat as many delicious game tickets as they can sink their crooked ticket teeth into. That’s because they’re Ticket Monsters, and they just moved into their favorite ticket spot, John’s Incredible Pizza Co! So beware, because these loveable monsters may be planning ways to get your tickets right now!

Max Max giving thumbs up

An all-around radical guy, Max is the leader of the group. He never stops thinking of new ways to get tickets and he thinks every plan is clearly the greatest EVER! Unfortunately, most of his ideas don’t exactly go to plan, but that will never stop Max from trying again!

Maggie Maggie giving thumbs up

Maggie is Max and Mile’s little sister and unlike Max, she hates planning. Everything she does is spontaneous. If it sounds good, looks good or could in any way bring some excitement into the moment, Maggie is ready!

Miles Miles giving thumbs up

AKA IncrediBear’s biggest fan, Miles is the brains of the group, but he’s also the overthinker. Not much gets done with Miles unless his brother and sister are there to give him a little extra nudge.