Incredible Achievement Scholarship Award Winners Announced
John's Incredible Pizza Company Announces Incredible Achievement Scholarship Award Winners.

November 23, 2011 (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) - John's Incredible Pizza Company announced Friday the winners of its Incredible Achievement Scholarship Awards, an employee scholarship award program designed to recognize and reward the accomplishments of team members who set high goals for themselves, serve their communities, and work hard to deliver an Incredible Experience for John's guests every day.

"John's Incredible Pizza Company is a unique place to work & grow with incredible individuals passing through our doors each day," explains John's founder and owner, John Parlet, "We are extraordinarily proud of our team and aware of this team’s potential out there in our communities as well as within the company."

"Today John's Incredible Pizza Company recognized nine employee team members with $500 Team Member Scholarship Awards and one recipient with an additional $2,000 Incredible Achievement Scholarship Award," said Director of Operations, Mike Stout, "The criteria for John's Incredible Achievement Awards stated that team member candidates possess an outstanding work ethic both in the store and in the classroom, and have demonstrated incredible character, dedication, and vision through academic activities and community leadership. Candidates were also required to submit an essay 250 words or less on any topic, experience, person, place or thing that they feel is truly 'Incredible'."

The nine recipients of John's $500 Team Member Scholarship Award are Nicole Moreno of John's in Victorville, Madeline Hernandez of John's in Bakersfield, Tanvir Mann of John's in Fresno, Manuel Badoni of John's in Montclair, Molika Ponn of John's in Modesto, Michelle Harati of John's in Riverside, Zachary Piotrowski of John's in Roseville, Puja Patel of John's in Buena Park, and Manilyn Phee of John's in San Diego.

The recipient of John's $2000 Incredible Achievement Scholarship Award is Michelle Harati of John's in Riverside. Michelle currently attends Riverside City College and plans to study Political Science and Pre-law at UCLA. In Michelle's essay she writes, "In the end, the incredible factor of life is the unknown and the chance of good fortune coming our way."

Scholarship winners may use their awards in any field of study they choose at any accredited higher education institution, specialty school, or training program," continues Stout, "We are proud to have these individuals on our team and wish them an incredible year ahead!"

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